Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thank you to the Ossining Community for your feedback

During the spring and early summer, many Ossining community members stepped up and shared their views of the Ossining Public Library and their hopes for their library and their community.  Over 2,000 surveys asking about library use and community needs were completed, both on paper and online, in English and in Spanish.  Over 150 community members, community leaders, library staff, and library volunteers attended either a focus group or a community meeting to share their views about the library.  We were pleased with both the quantity of responses that we received and the quality of the insight that people shared.  What was most clear to us is that the Ossining community cares deeply about its library.

We are currently working on the final leg of our long range strategic planning process.  Over the summer, we sifted through the results of all of the feedback that we received.  We also started on the technology and space assessment portions of our planning process, looking at our technology infrastructure, our technology services, and our use of the spaces in our beautiful building to be sure that we deliver the best, most responsive library service to our community and to see where we can do better or work differently to meet the community's needs.

We look forward to finishing up this stage of our long range planning process and can't wait to share our plan with the community that gave us such thoughtful feedback.